Vinyl Blanks Used By MGM Plants....Label Pressing Differences

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Vinyl Blanks Used By MGM Plants....Label Pressing Differences

Now that I have aired my label color observations to seemingly no end....

There appears to be 3  different "blanks" used for  both Black & Blue/Gold label pressing has the label with a inner circle indentation/drop ridge running about 1/2" into the label.....the other one seems to have a inner circle where the 45 RPM hole would be, and yet another is totally flat with no indentations whatsoever. (I know from experience the first mentioned limited label wear damage from the drop system players to the outer ring)
If I were a true, certified, nutter-fanatic.....I would have to have one of each of these.

By the case you are wondering if there is anything else I noticed....the same font for "CONNIE FRANCIS" printed on the covers was reused several times throughout the releases of Who's Sorry Now? and Spanish Favorites on the original jackets .....and when the reissues appeared in 1962.....the purple color used in the titles on Dance Party and the aqua used on Second Hand Love were also repeated on several issues......AND some pressings have labels where the composers are listed alongside the song titles while others have the composers and/or  the publishers listed beneath the song titles.

I know, I know....It is 3.52 AM NYC time....will there be anything else at the moment, Garry????