Can there ever be a truly definitive Connie Francis discography?  

We thought it would be interesting to invite fans and devotees of Connie's music to share their findings as they relate to Connie's recordings.  Although we have listed a complete album discography on the official website, there are numerous other extended plays and singles that have been listed on Wikipedia.  Has anyone found a truly obscure legitimate release aside from the album discography and the Wiki EPs and singles?  If so, please feel free to share your findings.

Discussion is encouraged but we do request, in consideration of space and scrolling through long documents on the forum, that you provide a link to your website or perhaps a PDF document link for download.  Certainly basic discussions are most welcome, but entire discographies would be too cumbersome to read on the forum.  I hope you understand.  

Photos of record sleeves would also be a welcome addition as further documentation of a genuine release.
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